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Here is what my clients are saying

"I Must Say You Are A Pleasure To Do Bu$ine$$ With Ms. Muhammad!!
When It Comes To Taxes & Numbers You Most Certainly Know Your Busine$$!
And You Are Proficient & Efficient At Your Job!!!!
You Meet Your Timelines, You Are A Person Of Your Word, And You Are Very Courteous & Respectful!!
I Look Forward To Working With You
Many More Times In The Near Future!!!!"

Mr. C. Pierre

"I had a very positive experience. Highly talented and respectful staff."

David V.

”Our family cannot express the joy and happiness by you by assisting our loved one who is in a State Prison to receive both of their Stimulus Checks. 


All inmates are entitled to the Stimulus Checks and I recommend that you contact Ms. Muhammad for the process and procedure.


May God grant you His peace and blessings for your charitable works."

J.M. -Recipient of Charitable Tax Services

"Shirley Muhammad, The Tax Expert, has a wealth of professional experience that helps her clients grow their business. Ms. Muhammad has the competence and skill expected of a professional. She empower the entrepreneurial with a rewarding experience of benefits from her advance training and knowledge of Tax Law."


"I have been a client for 8 years. Ms. Muhammad is humble, considerate and punctual. She provides exceptional tax resolution with the IRS for me. I thank Ms. Muhammad for her hard work and dedication to her clients."


"Shirley Jamillah Muhammad is a dedicated tax professional whose goal is to provide excellent service to her customers. To that end, she is always abreast of the changes in the tax laws and goes even further in investigating and finding programs and policies to assist in getting everything that can benefit her business customers alike. She is works diligently to serve our community. She is appropriately named Shirley the Tax Expert and I highly recommend her."

Zora M

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