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Teeny Beany Bean Pies 4"

The Original Supreme Bean Pie is more than just a pie, it is a cultural expression. It has become a staple food in American Muslim communities across the country.
This dessert was made in America to help improve the overall health of a people who were unknowledgeable of a healthy diet. This was accomplished with one simple ingredient - the navy bean. 
The navy bean is of ancient origin and is known to prolong life. Interestingly enough, according to certain historians, Daniel the Prophet prescribed this special bean for his followers. This  tasty remedy can also benefit you today! 
The Supreme Bean Pie - a sweet, delectable dessert made from navy beans, vanilla, brown sugar, eggs, milk, cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg. 
No preservatives. 
All natural ingredients. 
Great protein supplement.
Available across the U.S.
Supports independent education. 
Unbelievably delicious.
Official Distributor for The Supreme Bean Pie
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